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You Understand Design Principles

A strong understanding of design principles is essential for anyone working on our team at Madison Graphics. Throughout your work, you will strategically use different elements to convey intended messages on a large majority of our projects. Graphic Designers need to know how to bring together lines, color, shape, space, texture, typography, and scale. While our artist installers understand where to place dominance and emphasis with their design elements to work in harmony with each vehicle / medium and create visually appealing and well-structured designs.

You Understand Branding

At Madison Graphics our designers often build or maintain branding for our clients for use in print and often their vehicle fleet. When working with a brand, our team likes to have an understanding of what makes our clients brand / project unique. Then, our design and install team need to bring that brand to life through clients branded logos, colors, typography, illustration, photography, graphic elements, and more. Our perfect team members should be able to create work that is consistent across multiple platforms and mediums while our work speaks to the right audience.

You Understand Materials

While digital design is rapidly growing, designing for print is still our most useful skill we know and master. At Madison Graphics our entire team should be familiar with bleeds, slug, crop, and fold marks, as well as with ink limits, dot gains, and transparencies. Our designers need a thorough understanding of different file formats and color systems while equally our installers should provide the best input for sizes, weights, opacity along with any unique traits / textures the project or vehicle may be able to supply. We want our team considering how certain design elements and materials work together, but possibly done differently.